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Yearbook 2008 

373 73 YEA 37605001758076 


Silver Lake Regional High School Library 


Silver Lake Regional High School 
Kingston, MA 02364 

Silver Lake 
Regional High 

Silver Lake Regional High School 

260 Pembroke Street 

Kingston, MA 02364 


Principal, Richard J. Kelley 

Class of 2008 















Senior Dedication 





Mr. Pina 

Whether it be running the show at Homecoming, wearing a football 

helmet to advertise the Madden Tournament, freestyle rapping during 

Teacher Karoake, or getting his groove on at the Prom- Mr. Pina is a 

fixture at every big event at Silver Lake. 

His ability to talk the talk and walk the walk makes him one of the most 

respected members of the Silver Lake community. His passion for 

teaching and his ability to inspire students to always put forth their best 

effort has made him one of the most effective teachers at the Lake. Like 

an All-Star point guard on a basketball team, Mr. Pina is someone who 

improves the performance of everyone around him. 

Students, parents, administrators and staff all regard Mr. Pina in the 

highest esteem. His dedication to teaching and to his students has 

enabled him to shape the leaders of tomorrow. The class of 2008 is 

proud to dedicate their yearbook to someone who represents the classes 

of Silver Lake. 

What time is it? 












Mr. John Tuffy 

Assistant Superintendent 
Mrs. Joy Blackwood 

To the Class of 2008, 

Congratulations on your graduation from 
Silver Lake Regional High School. You've 
made it! In your time here you've worked 
hard, had triumphs and challenges. Along the 
way you've made memories and friendships. 
Each step has given you knowledge and 
strengths to prepare you for your future 
journeys. You should be proud of all you've 

As you move on you carry with you not only 
my wishes but the wishes of the teachers 
and staff who have watched you mature. We 
are confident that each and every one of you 
will make us proud. You are ready for the 
next step! As you go I offer no advice but say 
to you, in the words of Garrison Keillor, be 
well, do good work and keep in touch. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2008! 

Your future is bright and you enter it with all the 
good wishes and hopes of all of us who have had 
the pleasure of being a part of your life over the last 
13 years. May you find happiness and success in 
whatever career you choose. You enter a world 
that needs people with strength of character and the 
fortitude to make positive changes. Silver Lake has 
given you the foundation of a top notch education, 
strong morals and character, excellent 
sportsmanship, wonderful artistic endeavors, 
friendships to last a lifetime, and a belief in 
everyone's ability to make a difference. 

A quote I have always found helpful is, "You can't 
control the wind; you can control the direction of the 
sail." As you encounter stormy seas or a flat calm 
remember you are in control of how you respond to 
these events and each and every one of us has the 
ability to sail into the future ready and able to 

May all your dreams come true! 

Principal Richard Kelley 


The Class of 2008 will be remembered as being the class with a high 
level of school spirit and one that set many new traditions. Your class's 
school spirit and school pride translates into high achievement in the 
classroom. We had a record breaking spirit week and a great 
homecoming dance and your class made it two in row this past 
Thanksgiving. The Class of 2008 has fashioned championship athletic 
teams, award winning art, drama and music students. Advanced 
Placement Scholars, National Merit Commended Scholars, and a 
National Merit Semi-Finalist. You have donated countless service to 
those less fortunate. You have met high expectations throughout the 
curriculum. You spent your freshman year under construction and 
moved to our beautiful new school during sophomore year. Through it 
all you stayed the course with your commitment to education and a 
strong commitment to our school. The class of 2008 has served a 
connection to all generations of Silver Lake Regional High School 
graduates. Continue to be kind to each other, be safe and be happy! 

Mrs. Record 

The true test of civilization is not tlie census, nor tine size of cities, nor ttie 
crop no, but the l<ind of man the country turns out. 

--Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Your education at Silver Lake is more than 
the accumulation of credits. Throughout 
the four years, you have made choices 
and faced situations that have tested your 
character. With each choice, whether it 
was to tackle a particularly difficult course, 
try out for a sport, or take a role in the 
school play, you have grown. May you 
continue to challenge yourself, have 
confidence in your abilities, and remain 
true to your character. I wish you every 
success in life. 

Luci Record 

Mr. Mulcahy 

Congratulations and best wishes to the 
class of 2008. You have reached the end 
of a long journey. Be proud - earning your 
diploma is quite an accomplishment. 
You've created many memories during 
your four years at Silver Lake, ones that 
will last a lifetime. 

I wish you all happiness and success in 
your future endeavors. 


James M. Mulcahy, Jr. 









Vocational Department 







Fine and Practical Arts 


Health and 







Business and 




and Computers 


Social Studies 













5? f 

Don't gain the 
world and loose 
your soul, wisdom 
is better than silver 

f^ or gold. 

Jr -Bob Marley 



Thank you Mom, 
i.v Dad, Kathleen, 
Patrick, PattySue, 
my girls, I love you! 


Its finally over :) 

Alicia Ahola 

Memories are a 

way of holding onto'^ 

the things you love, 

the things you are, 

and the things you 

never want to lose. 

Thanks to my 
Mom, Dad, 
Marissa, Nick, 
and friends. 

Travis Ahola 

Drive fast live life 
to the fullest. 

Thank you Mom 

and Dad and all 

the people that 

have been there 

for me. 

Richard Allen 

Colby Alves 

When serving it's 
better to aim far 
than close, at least 
then if you miss 
nobody will think 
you cant hit over 
the net.- Colby 

I dont want to 
forget anyone, so I 
thank everyone. 

Amber Anderson 

/ am not afraid to 

keep on living; I am 

not afraid to walk 

this world alone. 

Thank you to my 

parents, Oma, 

Trever, Destiny, 

Ozzy, David, 

Steven. I love you 

all so much. 

Amanda Ballerini 

The ones who tell 

you you cant 

succeed are the 

ones who have 


Thank you to all of 

my family andy 
friends for always 
being there! I love 

Benjamin Anderson 

It is impossible to 
know what the 
future holds, but 
one can only hope 
that it involves 
spinning robots 
producing bizarre 
screaming noises. 
-Ben Anderson 

Thank my family, 
Tina Scott, Dave 
IVIurphy, and 
James Lockwood 

IVlegan Bailey 

Time don't let it slip 

away, Raise your 

drinking glass, 

here's to 


Thank you to my 

best friend Rachel, 

my family and my 

Harbor Grille 

family, love you. 

Nicholas Barone 

Taylor Barry 

Live your dreams 

now one day you 

will wake up. 

I want to thank my 

parents for always 

pushing me to 



/ went to a fight the 
other night, and a 
hockey game 
broke out. -Rodney 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Kevin, Sam, 
Anthony, Vinny, 
and Katie. 

Caitlin Beck 

Woman should be 
two things: Classy 
and Fabulous. 

Thanks to Mom, 
Dad, Jeff, Katie, 
and Carolyn for 
always being there 
no matter what. 

Joshua Belcher 

As you go through 

life, you've got to 

see the valleys as 

well as the peaks. 

-Neil Young 

Thank you Mom, 

Dad, sisters, 

friends, and the 

carpentry class 

of 2008. 

Timothy Benza 

If the path be 
beautiful, let us not\ 
ask where it leads 

Thank you Mom 
Dad, sisters 
friends, and the 
carpentry class of 

Brittany Berk 

If the path be 
beautiful, let us not 
ask where it leads. 

Thank you to my 
family and friends 
Jor making 
J these years 

Steven Berna 

When the roosters 
are crowin and the 
cows are spinnin 
circles in the 
pasture. ..Ducks fly 

Thank you to my 
family and friends. 

Riley Berry 

/ intend to Live 

forever So far, so 


Thank you Bootsy, 

PaPa Berry, H- 

Bomb, Mr. G, 


Timothy Blanchard 

In learning to know 
other tilings, and 
ottier minds, we 
become more 
acquainted with 
ourselves, and are 
to ourselves better 
with knowing. 
Thank you to my 
parents, sisters, 
teachers, coaches, 
tiv*?! friends 

Brittany Bonney 

We might fly 

sometimes but we 

will find our own. 

Thanl<s Dad, Mom, 

Jacl<ie, Georgia, 

Kev and all my 

family and friends 

for everything! 

Joel Boone 

There is only one 

success- to be able 

to spend your life 

in your own way. 



Thank you Dad for 

showing me how to 

be a man, and my 

IVIom who is there 

for me no matter 


Sarah Botelho 

Never let the fear 
of striking out keep 
you from playing 
the game. 

^Thanks Mom, Dad, 
jiNick and John for 
( everything you've 

given me. I love 

you guys! 

Amanda Brack 

No bird soars too 

high if he soars 

with his own 


Thank you to my 

family and 


especially my 

parents, my 

brothers, Erika, 

Kathleen, and 


Deanna Borrelli 

Your future hasn't 
been written yet, 
no one's has. Your 
future is whatever 
you make it so 
make it a good 
one.- Back to the 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad for 
keeping my head 
to the right. Sisters, 
and Friends- Love 

Michael Bruni 

One Love 

Thank you Mom, 

Dad, the rest of my 

family and my 

friends and Danni. 

Daniel Brady 

Wise enough to 
know that life is 
just beginning and 
there will always 
be more lessons to 
be learned. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Joe, Paul, 
Friends, Girlfriend, 
for everything. 

Priscilla Brinson- 

/ can do all the 

things through 

Christ, who 

strengthens me.- 

Corinthians 4:13 

Mom & Dad, 

family, love you. 

Thank you for all 

you have done in 

my life and are still 


Heather Buchanan 

Before we packed 
our bags and left 
all this behind us in 
the dust, we had a 
place that we could 
call home, and a 
life no one could 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Eric for your 
support. Alanna 
and Nick, love you 

Kathryn Bruno 

The only way of 
finding the limits of 
the possible is by 
going beyond them 
into the impossible. 

Thank you to my 
family and friends 
for always being 
there for me. I love 

Samantha Calvin 

Life's too short, 
don't take anything 
for granted and live f 

your life to the}^ttt0 
fullest.^^ I 

Thank you Mom, 

Dad, and Austin for 

helping me out and 

always being there 

for me. 

Graham Carr 

Peace to the black 
and brown, the red, 
yellow and white^' 

sea, we don't 
discriminate man 
over color creed. 

Thanks to my fam 
and all my bros. 

Wayne Carlson 

Drive fast, live 
hard, and never 
forget to live every 
day like it's 
your last. 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad for all 
your help and 
anyone else who 
helped me along 
the way. 

Edward Carr 

Hey babe, take a 

walk on the wild 

side, hey Joe take 

a walk on the wildl 
side. -Lou Reedl 

Thanks to my 

family, homies, 

teachers and 

coaches, and 

above all else, 



Casey Carroll 

Don't count the 
days, make the 
days count. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Katelyn, Erin, 
Darcy, and 
Shannon for your 
love and support! 

Darcy Carroll 

Life is not 
measured by the 
number of breaths 
you take, but by 
the moments that 
take your breath 

Thanks to my 
family and friends 
for all your love 
and support. I love 
you all. 

Sarah Cazeault 

Dance as though no 
one is watching you, 
love as though you 
have never been hurt 
before, sing as^ 
though no one can 
hear you, live as 
though heaven 
is on earth 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Emma, Amy, Brian, 

Bubba, and 

all my friends' 

I love you guys! 

Brian Chaves 

Thanks to my 
Mom, Dad, 
Grandma, the rest 
of my family, and 
my friends for 

Olivia Cifrino 

Everything passes. 


changes. Just do 

what you thinl< you 

should do. 

Thanks to my^jy^^ 
friends, family and 
teachers that have ^ 
helped me along \ 
the way. 

Amanda Clapp 

Quicl< start it, life's 

a never ending 


Thanks to my 

Mom, Dad, Zack 

and all my friends 

for always being 

there for me. 

Michael Clark 

Dream as if you'll 
live forever. Live as 
if you'll die today. 
-James Dean 

Thank you for all of 
your love and 
support. Mom, 
Dad, Bob, and Pat. 

Patrick Clark 

Heroes get 
remembered, but 
legends never die. 
Follow your heart 
kid, and you will 
. never go wrong. 

:f To my friends and 
teachers, thank 
you for the best 
years of my life. To 
my Mom, who I 
love dearly. 

Peter Clark 

Don't tell me the 
sky is the limit, 
when there are 

footprints on the 

Thank you Mom, 

Mark, Patrick- I 

couldn't have done 

it without you. I 

love you. 

Robert Coffey 

Andrea Clawson 

Dreams, without 
them we are nothing. 
What causes them is 
unl<nown but they 
are what mal<e us 
get up in the morning 
.| and hope that one 
day they will come 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Steven, and 
my friends and 
family, xoxo 

Evan Coletta 

Heather Cobb ^ 

We all gonna die, 

but I'm not gonna 

fry, even though 

most never try, I'm 

not gonna let this 

pass me by. 

Thank you to 

Grammy and 

Grandpa, you've 

given me 


Megan Cogran 

Never be bullied 
into silence. Never 
allow yourself to be 
made a victim. 
Accept no one's 
definition of your 
life; define yourself. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Cris, and 

Amy Conboy 

Friendship isn't 

about being 

inseparable; it's 

about being 

separated and 

knowing nothings 


Thank you Mom, 
Dad, and Nicole for 

everything. Good 

luck to all my 

friends. -Love you. 

Molly Connolly 

Be the change you 
want to see in the 

I would like to 
thank my family 
and friends for 
supporting and 
loving me. 

Kyle Corey 

Older men declare 
war. But it is the 
youth that must 

fight and die. 
-Herbert Hoover 

Thanks to my 

father, brothers 

and friends. 

Matthew Cosby 

Rachel Cox 

We all have big 
changes in our 
lives that are more 
or less a second 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Cam and 
Eddie. And from 
beginning to end, 
Liv and Dee. 

Craig Crociati 

Think big, think 
positive, never 
show any sign of 
weakness. Always 
' go for the throat. 
Buy low, sell high. 
Fear... that's the 
other guy's 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Cass, family 
/^and friends. 

Megan Cruz 

Every story has an 

end but in life 

every ending is just 

a new beginning. 

Thanks for 

everything Mom, 

friends and family. 

Caleb Darsch 

If you have built 
castles in the air, 
your work need not 
be lost, that is 
where they should 
be. Now put the 
foundations under 
them. -Thoreau 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Nick, Bekah, 
Colleen, Deck, 
Ned, Berna, 
I Grandparents 

Rachel Darsch 

/ live to love and 

laugh a lot and 

that's all I need. 

Thank you 
Mom and Dad 

Samuel Davis 

Ride waves, don't 
make them. 

Mom, you're the 

greatest, Alyssa 

you're my princess 

and thanks to my 

bros who had 

my back. 

Tyler Davis 

Look and you will 
find it - what is 
)\ unsought will go 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad, relatives 
and friends. 

Talia DeChiara 

The key to 
happiness is 
having dreams; the 
key to success is 
making them come 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Dominic, 
Anthony, Keri, T 
and Amy. 

Michael Decker 

I'm raw, I'm rugged 

and raw! I repeat /f! 

/ die my seed'll be 

ill like me. 


Thanks to my 

Vincent DeKarski 

Why waltz with a 
'4 msn for 10 rounds 
when you could 
knock him out in 1 ? 
-Rocky Marciano 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Andrew, Alex, 
and all of my 
friends for always 
being there... 

Robin Despins 

To see the world in 

a grain of sand, 

and heaven in a 

wildflower, to hold 

infinity in the palm 

of your hand, and 

eternity in an hour. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Krystal, and all my 

friends for always 

being therefor me. 
I love you. 

Brittany Devine 

Do just once what 

others say you 

can't do, and you 

will never pay\ 

attention to their 

limitations again. 

Thank you Mom, 

Barbara, Mike, 

Miranda, and 

friends and family 

for everything! 

Christina DiMare 

Carolyn Doherty 

The strongest of 
us, the most 
determined of us, 
holds on to the 
dream or we find 
ourselves faced 
with a fresh dream 
we never 
■^ considered. 
Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Sean 
Savages, and 
Caitlin. Love 
you all. 

Katheryne Doherty 

Calvin Downes 

/ am but mad north 

north west when 

the wind blows 

southerly I know a 

hawk from a 


To my father much 

thanks without him 

I would not be the 

man that I have 


Edmund Dondero 

For every moment 
ofthumph, for 
every instance of 
beauty, many souls 
must be trampled. 
-Hunter S. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Dino. 

Matthew Donovan 

Take a shower, 

shine your shoes, 

you got no time to 

lose. You are 

young men you 

must be living, go 

now you are 

forgiven. -Dispatch 

Thank you Mom. 

Dad, Shawn, Dan, 

Joey and friends. 

Kendra Doyle 

Memory is a way of 
holding on to the 
things you love, the 
things you are, and 
the things you 
never want to lose. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Kelsey, Cody, 
Luke, Danielle, and 
-^\ Danielle. 

Tyler Drake 

My home is in my 

Amy Doyle 

While you're sitting 
thinking about what 
you can't change, 
times flying by 
moving so fast. 
You better make it 
count because you 
can't get it back. 

Thank you to my 
Mom, Dad, Ashley, 
Maggie, Michael, T 
and Tal. I love you 

Thank you 

Scott Drinkwater 

Sarah Dubois 

/ saw the world go\^ 

up in flames and I 

just smiled and 

stood there f^' 

watching.- Agent 


Thank you Chris, 

Matt, Slinger, The 

Count, the BK 

Crew, Kerri, my 

friends, my family, 

my teachers. 

Rachel Dupuis 

Even though you 
leave this place for 

another, you take 
with you a piece of 
it so you are never ^ 
far from home. 

Thank you Mom, 

Dad, Travis, Kelly, 

Karyn, and all my 

other friends. 

I love you! 

Ryan Dwyer 

We're not here for 
a long time, we're 
here for a good 

/.A I would like to 
,; / \ thank my family 
1 ly and friends. 

Meghan Edgerly 

Many people worry 
so much but rarely 
spend half that much 
energy managing 
their lives. I want to 
make my life the best 
it can be, the rest will 
work itself out. 

To my family and 
friends, I love you! 
Christine, and 
Erika, thank you. 

Samantha Edwards 

It's not the 


given, but the 

chances taken. 

Mom, Billy and 

Joey, thank you for 

always being there 

for me! I love you 

all! xoxo 

John Elwell 

Dream as if you'll 
live forever live as 
if you'll die today. 

Thank you friends, 
family, Hank, 
JaBelch, The Aves 
and everyone else. 

Jamie Erikson 

Yesterday was the 

past, Tomorrow is 

the future, Today is 

a gift.. .That is why 

they call it the 


Thank you to my 

family and friends 

for always being 

there, I love you 

all. Erika, 

Kathleen, and 


Patrick Fahey 

The whole world it 
loves you, if you're 
a chic chameleon. 

Thank you to my 
wonderful family 
and friends, who 

have always 
supported me no 

matter what. 

Lindsey Feely 

If you don't go after 
what you want, 
you'll never have it. 
If you don't ask, the 
answer is always 
no. If you don't 
step forward, 
you're always in 
the same place. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Kevin, 
Patrick, Sean, 
and Jake. 

Alyssa Fernald^ 

Do no dwell on 

the past, do not 

dream of 

the future, 

concentrate the 

mind on the 

present moment. 

Thank you to my 

family, my 

friends, and Joe 

Davis- you 

mean the 

world to me. 

Michael Fearing Jr. 

And in the end its 
not the years in 
your life that count 
Its the life in your 
years. -Abe Lincoln 

Thank you friends 
and family, The 
Aves (JaBelch, 
Elwell, Midget) and 
my brother. 

Derrick Fernandes Kimberly Fitzgerald 

Life's like a novel[ 
with the end ripped 
out, the edge of a 
canyon with only one 
way down, take whatif 
you're given before^ 
its gone and start^ 
holding on! 

Thank you Mom 
and Micliael for 
sliowing me how to i 
be the best I can 
be! Matt you are 
tlie best! 

Samantha Ford 

What lies behind 

us and what lies 

before us are tiny 

matters compared 

to what lies 

within us 

Mom and Dad, 
thank you so much 
for everything. I 
love you. 

Jessica Formoso 

Life is one big road 
with lots of signs. 
Dont bury your 
thoughts; put your 
vision to reality. 

Thanks to my 

parents for the 

motivation and 

support throughout 

my educational 


Love, your little girl. 

Lucas Fortini 

Dont jump the 
fence.- Fred 

I would like to 
thank Mom, Dad, 
Nick, and all my 
friends who have 
helped me through 
the years. 

Garrett Fowler 

A man is a success 

if he gets up in the 

morning and goes 

to bed at night and 

in between does, 

what he wants to\ 


- Bob Dylan 

I would like to 
thank my family 
and friends. 

Daniel Gallant 

We're not here for 
a long time, we're 
here for a good 
11 time. 

' '^^ ^ %^ / "^ ^ Vl^-^ Thanks to Mom, 
^^''^^''^^^ - * '■ '- Dad, Mary, and 


\ . ii 

Eric Gay 

The greatest 

accomplishment is 

not in never falling 

but in rising again 

after you fall. 

Thanks to my 

family and friends 

who helped me 

succeed and 

achieve my goals. 


Cameron Gannon 

These are my new 

shoes. They are 

good shoes, they 

won't make you 

rich like me, 

rebound like me 

and won't make 

you handsome like 

me. You will only 

have shoes 

like me. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

family, and friends 

for everything. 



"" -^ 


1 , ^y 





Amanda Gibbons 

The optimist fell 
ten stories and at 
each window bar, 
he shouted to his 
friends, alright so 

Mom, Dad, Andrew 
and my amazing 
friends, thank you 
for your support. 
Love you! 

Vincent Gillespie 

Nothing ever 
happens the way 

you plan it, you just 
have to roll with it 

and make the best 
of every moment. 

To all who 


"Wanna hear a 

funny joke?" and to 

anyone else who 

put up with me. 

Jesse George 

In many ways, 
they'll miss the 
good old days 
someday when we 
was young oh man 
did we have fun 
always, always. 

Thanks to my 
teachers, family, 
and all my friends. 

Katelyn Gincauskis 

It was a ball, it was 
a blast, and it's a 
shame it 
couldn't last. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Eddie, 
Crystal, John, and 
all my friends for 

Pauline Goffioul 

The American 

Dream came 

true.. .(All good 

things come 

to an end.) 

Thank you Livie, 

Torie, Mallory, 

Celeste, Mark, 

Nick, Alissa, 

Melissa, Mrs. Beck 

and all teachers. 

Kevin Gomes 

He who is not 


enough to take 

risks will 


nothing in life. 

Muhammad AH 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Family, Friends 

and Brittany for 


Emily Goodwin 

Go confidentially in 
the directions of 
your dreams! Live 
the life you've 
- Thoreau 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Alex, David, 
^Jenny, and Holly 
for helping and 
supporting me over 
g-c- the years. 


Winners never quit. 
Quitters never win. 
Choose to be a 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
/Jess, and all my 
friends for always 
being there. 


/ would have made 

a great Pope. 

- Richard Nixon 

Thank you Yok, 

Shawn Lewis, 

Gordon Freeman, 

and Dave. 

Megan Gormley 

There was a time 
when life caught 
you by surprise, 
what you see going 
by is a shadow, 
you've got to live in 
front of your eyes. 

1 Thank you to my 
iMom and Dad for 
everything and to 
Nikki for always 
being there for me. 

Jake Gougeon 

Casey Goulski 

Amanda Graham- 

The highest courage 
is to dare to be 
yourself in the face 
of adversity. 
Choosing right over 
wrong. Choices that 
measure your life. 

Thanks Mom, 
Cam, and Kyle. 
Priscilla nothing is 
worth it without 

Jenna Graziano 

We all take 
different paths in 
life, but no matter 
where we go, we 
take a little of each 
other everywhere. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Mitch, Lizzie, Nick, 
and Amy for 
everything. Love 
you all!! 



Edmund Grispi 

If you wanna play 
with the big dogs 
you can't act lil<e a 

Thanks to my 
family, to the good 
times with the Big 
Dogs, Joel, Geoff, 
Steve, Kyle. Love 


Thank you to «► 
all of Silver Lake 
for being 
so supportive 

Marissa Guidoboni ^^^ 

Dogs are not our 

whole life, but 

they make our 

lives whole. 

- Roger Caras 

I would like to 

thank all my 

teachers, club 

advisors, and all of/: 

Cave Canem. 

Sean Gurley 

t ' Those who wish to 

^1 appear wise 
among fools 
among the wise 
seem foolish. 

Thank to my Mom, 
Jenesse, Mr. Pina 
and everyone else 
who believed in me 
through the worst 
of times. 

Kerri Hackett 

Life was meant to 
be lived and 
curiosity must be 
kept alive, one 
must never for 
whatever reason 
turn their back on 

Mom, Dad, Bobby, 
Sarah, Norah, and 
friends- Thanks for 
everything! XOXO 

Cayla Hadfield 

Our laughs are\ 

limitless. Our\ 

memories are\ 

timeless. Our\ 

friends are 


Thanks to my 

Mom & Dad,^ 

you've always 

believed in me, 

Rusty for being 

there, and all my 


Katelyn Hall 

We did not change 
as we grew older; 
we just became 
more clearly 
- Lynn Hall 

Thanks to my 
family and friends 
for always being 
there for me. I love 

Robert Hall 

can think. 

Thank you 

Mom, Dad, 

Shawn, Owen, my 

grandparents, my 

friends, and my 


Andrew Hamilton 

All Im gonna do is 
go on and do 
what I feel. 
- Jimi Hendrix 

I would like to 
thank my family. 

Bradley Harris 

Samantha Healy 

Friendship is the 
hardest thing in the 
world to explain, but 
if you haven't 
learned the meaning 
of friendship, you 
really haven't 
learned anything 
at all. 

Thanks to my 
friends & family, 
but mostly to my 
Mom, Bryan, Uncle 
Mike, and Mariah. 

Jeremy Horton 

Only two things are 

infinite, the 

universe and 

stupidity-and Im, 

not sure about 

the former. 

Thank you to my 

parents, Kevin, and 

all my friends for 


Alexander Johnson 

Thanks to Coba. 
Goats, my chin, 
Mr. Dries, 
Chub Chub city 

Lindsay Hynes 

Life is notfiing 
more tlian a long 
road, it is up to you 
wfiicti turn 
you mal<e. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, and Erik. I 
never would have 
made it this far 
without your help. 
You were always 
there to lift me up. 

Taylor Irish 

Some memories 

are realities, and 

are better than 

anything that can 

ever happen to 

one again. 

Thank you Dad, 


Brother, the rest of 

my family and 

friends for 

supporting me. 

iKatherine Justice 

The harder you are 
I pushed, the 
'tougher you 
I become to 

knock down. 

^I'd like to thank my 
'^ Mom and Dad and 

Smy stepfather Dale 
for everything 
they've done 
for me. 

Samantha Kane 

Never give up on 

the things thaf^" 

make you smile '^ 

even if it takes a \ 

few tries. \-: 

Thank you to my 


Craig Johnson 

Vv ^t^ 

family and friends, ^ 
you guys havei'^^ 
been amazing! 
Thank you Eric! »^ 


Darrell Kavka 

Take time for all 

things: great haste 

makes great 


-Ben Franklin 

Thanks to my 
family, Coach 
Correia, Mr. 
Powell, Mr. RuffinI 
and Mr. Erving. 

Kathleen Kaye 

You have three 

choices in life, Give 

in, Give up, or, 

Give it your all. 

Thank you to my 

friends & family. 

Especially my Mom 

& Dad, Sarah H., 

Amanda, Erika, 

& Jamie. 

David Keirstead 

Better to remain 
silent and be 
thought a fool than'^ 
to speak out andr 
remove all doubt. 

Thanks to my 

family, friends, 

teachers, and the 

Red Sox for finally 

winning it alilf 

Christine Kelley 

Courtney Kelley 

4 Go confidently in 
^ , ' the direction of 

/r^your dreams. Live 
'^^^^ the life you have 
^ m imagined. 

I couldn't have 
;^done it without my 
Mom, Dad, brother, 
dister, Mike, Erika, 
Meghan. Love 
you all. 

Flora Ketchum 

True terror is to 

wake up one 

morning and 

discover that your\ 

high school class is 

running the 


Mom, Dad, 

Olivia, Andrea, 

and Lindsay, 

thank you for 


I love you 

Shannon King 

l/l/e're living in a 
moment that we'll 
never see again, 
^ so let your heart 
break some rules. 

Mom, Dad, the 
family. I love you. 
Thanks for 
everything. To my 
friends, Love you 

Leah Klaus 

Danielle LaPlantel 

Our deepest fear is 

not that we are 

inadequate. Our\ 

deepest fear is that 

we are powerful 

beyond measure. 

Thanks to my 

family and friends 

who have 

supported me 
through the years. 

What we do in life 
echoes in eternity. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Mike, Ray, my 

family, my friends, 

and anyone who 

has ever made 

me laugh. 

Bryan Leavey 

Patrick Leith 

Viking Power! 

None but ourselves 

can free our minds. 

- Bob Marley 

I would like to 
thank my Dad, 
friends, and family. 

Joshua Larson 


Thanks to my 
family, Dave 

Percussion, and 

I want to thank my 
Mom for always 
being there for me.:.^ \^ 

Hope Lemay 

Imperfection is 
beauty, madness is 
genius, and it's 
better to be 
ridiculous than 
absolutely boring. 
- Marilyn Monroe 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, and friends! 

Danielle Lespasio 

All our faded 

memories; that's 

what made us who 

we are today! 

- Mest 

Thanks Mom, Dad 
Ashley, Paulie, 
Stace, and Brit 

Shawn Lewis 

Brian Lincoln 

Moments of inner 
freedom when the 
mind is opened 
and the infinite 
universe revealed 
and the soul is left 
to wander 
- Jimmy Morrison 

Thanks to Mom, 
Dad, and my 
prayers go up to 
you Gram. 

Joshua Lindquist 

When the 
character of a man 
is not clear to you, 
look at his friends. 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad for 
everything. I love 

John Lockwood 

Look at the 

camera.. .Ready... 

Say, "Fuzzy 


Thank you Mom, 

Dad, and James 


I \ 

Stacey Lourenco Brittany MacDonald 

/ am treading 
lightly in the 
Universe of Very 
Nearly Quite 
^ - Mucho Amorado. 

Thank you 
Momnna, Dud, 
Nana, Dale, Brita, 
Danielle, and my 
amazing friends. I 
love you. 

When we look 

backwards we will 

see that everything 

has changed and\ 

all of our trials willl 

be as milestones 

on the way. 

Thank you Mom 

and Dad for 

pushing me when I 

wasn't pushing 



Nicholas Maclnnis 

Edward Maguire 

We kiss on the 
mouth but still 
cough down our 

Thanks to my 
friends and family. 

Kevin Manning: 

Hold your glass 

up, hold it in. Never 

betray the way 

you've always 

known it is. 

- The Shins 

Thanks to all my 
friends and 
family; and also 
for keeping 
me sane. 

We sold ourselves 
' for rock and roll. 

Stephanie Manning 

When it's cold 
I outside stiow tlie 

world the warmth 
' of your smile. 

Tlianks Mom, Dad, 
Denielle, and all 
my best friends for 
all of your support. 
I love you! 

Gabrielle Marks 

Life is not havingl 
and getting, 
but being and 

Thank you Mom 

and Dad, Jen and 

Becky, Grandma 

and family and 


Kelley Marshall 

It's time to startl 

living the lives we\ 

have imagined. 

Thanks for 

everything Mom, 

Dad, Catherine, 

Julie, Gary, and all 

my friends. 

Love you! 

Noelle Marston 

^ In order to be 
-^ irreplaceable you 

must always be 


Edward Martin 

When I go home 
and turn off my 
light, I know I did 
my best. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Nicole, and 
Rachel for always 
being there for me. 

Taylor Massmann 

Dark and difficult 

times lie ahead. 

Soon we must all 

face the choice 

between what is 

right and 

what is easy. 

Thanks Mum, Pop, 

Maureen, Michelle, 

Robbie, and the 

street. Thanks Tal 

and Amy. 

Christopher Matinzi Christine IVlcBride 

Make the most of\ 

time, look at life 

from all angles, 

always work your\ 

charm, play to win, 

know where you're 

going, and never 

forget where you 

came from. 

Thanl<s IVIom, Dad, 

Michelle, and all 

my family and 

friends for your 

love and support. 

Life moves pretty 
fast. If you dont 
stop and look 
around once and a 
while you could 
miss it. 
- Ferris Bueller 

1 Thanks to my 
parents, friends, 
and teachers for 
making high school 
a great time. 

Andrew McCarthy 

Live life to the 
fullest and don't 
regret them. 

Thank you to all 

those people who 

have helped me 

through high 



Don't be afraid to 
risk everything you 
have for one thing 
that you strongly 
believe in. 

Thanks Mom and 
Dad, Brothers, 
Amy, Erika, Brit, 
and Dave. Love 
you always and 

Margot McDonnell Shawn McDonough 

You have to stand 
for something or 
you'll fall for 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Marc, Ty, Heidi, 
and everyone else 
for always 
believing in me. 

Ryan McKinnon ^^, 

Heroes are 


but legends will 

never die. 

I just want to thank 

my Mom, Dad, and 

all my friends for 

always being 

there for me. 

Kyle McGinn 

/ could walk the 
line if it wasn't 
too straight. 

Thanks Dad, Mom, 
Mariel, Derek, 
Danielle, and 
friends for lots of 
good times. 

Craig McKinnon 

It's not the size of 

the dog in the fight, 

it's the size of the 

fight in the dog. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Lee, and all my 

friends who have 

helped me. 

Sarah McLellan 

Matthew Mitchell 

Our greatest glory 

is not in never] 

falling but in 

getting up every 

time we do. 

- Confucius 

Thanks to my 

family and friends 

and everyone who 

supports me. 

Kevin McLaughlan 

CHEAH whatever. 

Thanks to my Mom 
and Dad for always 
standing behind 
me; also, everyone 
else who has 
been there. 

Fionna Mullarkey 

Our deepest fear is 
not that we are 
inadequate, our^^ 
deepest fear is tliat^ 
we are powerful 
beyond measure, 
your playing small 
does not serve 
tfie world. 
Thanks to my 
Mom, Dad, Cali, 
my whole family, 
and all my friends 
since preschool. 

William Morrisette 

Be the 
change you 
want to see 
in the world. 

Thank you to 
especially Mr. 
Goggin and Ms. 
Haigh for 
helping me. 

Rebecca Morrison 

Long you'll live and\ 

high you'll fly. And 

smiles you'll give 

and tears you'll cry. 

And all you touch 

and all you see is 

all your life will 

ever be. 

Thanks to my 

family & friends for 

always being 

there for me. 

I love you all! 

^Maxwell Murray 

' Always be full of 
life and live life to 
the fullest. 

Bridget Nantais 

Everything has 

beauty, but not 

everyone sees it. 

Thanks to my 
friends and family. 

Thanks to my 

Mom, Dad, family 

and friends. 

I love you! 

Allison Mulvey 

In the hopes of 
reaching the moon 
we often fail to see 
the flowers that 
blossom at 
our feet. 

Mom, Dad, Jake, 
Dan, I love you all 
and I am so lucky 
to have your 
support and love. 


// faut toujours 

poursuivre vos goals. 

Ne jamais se 

decourager. La 

perseverance paie, 

et comme ma mere 

me dit toujors: tu ne 

recoltes que ce que 

tu semes. 

Thanks. to Mrs. 

Cranshaw, Ms. 

Coady, my Mom 

and family. 

Courtney Nastasia 

Don't aim for 
success, if you 
want it, just do 
what you love and 
believe in, and it 
will come naturally. 
- David Frost 

Thanl<you Dad, 
iVlom, Bob, Zacli, 
Kayla, Colby, IVlatt, 
and all my friends - 
Love you all. 

David Nettles 

Tfie time you enjoyl 

wasting was not 

wasted; friendship 

isn't a big thing 

- it's a million 

little things. 

To all my friends 

and family who 

have been with me 

this whole time. 

Michael Nolet 

Be the person you 
would be proud of. 
Make decisions, 
make mistakes, 
and if you fall you 
fell because you 

I would like to 
thank my friends 
and family, without 
you where would I 

Brooke Norvish 

Once in a blue 

Thank you Mom, 
Al, Dad, and Ms. 

For me life is 
continuously being 
hungry. The meaning 
of life is not simply to 
exist, to survive, but 
to move ahead, to go 
to achieve, 
to conquer 

Thank you Mom, 

Dad, Ashley, 

Michael, Jaryd, 

Evan, and Steve for 

being there for me. 


Cory Palmer 

We've got a full 

tank of gas, a pack 

of cigarettes, its six 

miles to Chicago, 

its dark and 

were wearing] 

sunglasses. Letsi 

roll.- Jack and\ 

El wood Bluest 

Thanks to my 

parents, Mary-Lou 

and Bob Hall, Mike 

and Joan Conner. 

Mark O'Kane 

Never, Never, 
Never give up. 
-Winston Churctiill 

Mom, Dad and 
Meredith, thank 
you for being there 
for me. Your love 
and support mean 
the world to me. 

Julia O'Keefe 

Take a sad song 
and make it better. 

Thank you Dad 

Mom, and family, 

I love you all 


Joseph Papotto 

Well you see... 
Now I know and 
knowing is half the 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, sisters, 
teachers, and 
coaches for the 
endless support. 

Emily Patchett 

For beautiful eyes, 

look for the good in 

others; for beautiful 

lips speak only 

words of kindness; 

and for poise, walk 

with the knowledge 

that you are never 

alone.- Audrey 


Thank you Mom, 

Dad, Robby, 

Janice, Keith, and 

my family 

and friends. 

Kyle Palmstrom 

Don't take life to 
seriously you'll 
never get out alive. 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad and McGyuer. 

Ben-Eric Patten 

Michael Patts 

/ intend to live 
a_, forever. So far, so 

Thank you IVlom, 
Dad, Lul<e, and my 
J friends. 

If you put enougti 

confidence in one 

thing, without 

experience, you 

could be the best. 

Crystel Payano 

All who call on God in 

true faith, earnestly 

from the heart, will 

certainly be heard, 

and will receive what 

they have asked 

and desired. 

I want to thank my 

Mom for everything 

she's done to keep 

me from making bad 

decisions and to 

advise me to follow 

my dreams no matter 

what happens. 

Joshua Peters 

%, Knock, Knock, who 
is banging at my 
door is abstract, 
comericial, maybe 
hardcore.- The 

Thanks my peeps 
and family. 

Eric Peterson 

What once was 
thought can never 
be undone; 
imagination is 
more important 
than knowledge. 

I would like to 
thank my parents, 
my friends, and my 
beautiful girlfhend. 

Matthew Phillips 

There is no 

stronger drug 

than reality. 

Thank you 
Mom and Dadd. 

Breana Pitts 

Life is not 
measured by the 
number of breatlis 
we tal<e, but by ttie 
number of 
moments that take 
our breath away. 
- Anonymous 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Alissa, and 
friends for 
everytliing. I love 
you all so much. 

Ryan Pittsley 

What I've dared, 
I've willed and what\ 
I've willed, 
I'll do. 

Thanks to my 

parents for helping 

me all the way. 


Everything hasm 
beauty, but not 
everyone sees it. 

Meg and Dan, 

wherever you go, 

go with all your 

heart! Thanks Dad, 

Jen and Chris! 

Samantha Quigley 

I don't have 
prejudice against 
himself. My father 
was white and my 
mother was black. 
They call me half- 
cast or whatever. 
Me don't dip on 
nobody's side. Me 
don't dip on the black 
man's side nor the 
white man's side, me 
dip on God's side. 
- Bob Marley 

Colby Radomski 

Live as if you were 

to die tomorrow. 

Learn as ifyou\ 

were to 

live forever. 

- Mahatma Gandhi 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Paige, Courtney, 

and all my friends 

for your support. 

I love you! 

Anthony Puliafico Jr. 

Someday I too will 
fly and find you 

- Myles Kennedy, 
Alter Bridge 

Thanks Mom for 
your strength. Dad 
for your support, 
Adam for your 
courage, and 

Molly Ranton 

Nobody gets to live 
life backwards, 
look ahead, that is 
where your future 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Ash and Em. 

Kayla Rapalee 

Two roads 

diverged in a 

wood, and I... I took 

the one less 

traveled by, and\ 

that has made all\ 

the difference. 

Thanks for all your 

support Mom, 

Hannah, Courtney, 

and Dave' 

I love you guys' 

Devin Rebello 

Thank you 
to AV for 
being great! 


Make everyday 
count, appreciate 
every moment and 
take from it 
everything that you 
possibly can, for you 
may never be able to 
experience it again! 

Thanks to my whole 
family, especially my 
Mom! And thanks to 
my girls, Kelsey and 

Katelyn Ribbe 

Oh how wrong we 
were to think that 
immortality meant 
f never dying. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Sarah, Nannie, 
Jared, and all my 

Amy Richards 

Life's tough, get 
a helmet •' 

Thanks to my 

family and friends 

for supporting and 

encouraging me 

over the years. 

:m \ 

Brendan Rix 

Sean Ross 

Death ain't nothin 
but a heart beat 
away, I'm livin 
life or die, 
what can I say. 

Do not mistake 
temptation for 

Thank you family, 
friends, IVir. Pina, 
SL Sports, and 
my Steez. 

Katie Roos 

And now that this 

scared little girl no 

longer follows me 

wherever I go, I 

miss her I want to 

tell her to relax, 

lighten up, thatl 

everything worksl 

out in the end. 

I want to say tlianl< 

you to my Mom, 

Pat, and IVlil^ey for 

everything they 

have done. 

Corey Ruprecht 

Karyn Sampson 

Do what makes 
you happy. Be with 
who makes you 
smile. Laugh as 
much as you 
breathe, and love 
as long as you live. 

I want to thanl< 
Mom, Dad, Kel, 
Rach, Joe, friends 
and family for 
always being there. 

Kelly Sampson 

The only rule is 

don't be boring, 

dress cute 

wherever you go. 

Life is too short to 

blend in. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Kar, Jay and Rach 

for always being 

there and putting 

up with me. 

Love you. 


W ^H 







Nathaniel Sexton 

Thank you Mom! 

Katelyn Savage 

We all take 
different paths in 
life, but no matter 
where we go, we 
take a little of each 
other everywhere. 

Thanks to Mom, 
Dad, Eddie, 
Carolyn, and 
Caitlin for always 
being there for me! 

Steven Scozzari -.jt \ 

If you want it, you 

can have it, you 

just have to learn 

to reach up there 

and grab it. 

Thanks to 


has pushed me, 

you know who 

you ARE. 

Cortney Shepard 

The best things in 
life happen when 
you least expect it! 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Brian, Dave, 
and Jerry for all 
your support, 
I love you! 

Olivia Shepherd 

Life is not about 

waiting for the 

storm to pass, its 

about learning to 

dance in the rain. 

From now until the 

end, thanks Mom, 

Dad, Mai, Torie, 

Rach, and Dede. 


No sacrifice, no 


-Heart, Passion, 


Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and friends. 

Michael Shuster 

Are you ready? 
Because changes 
dont worry, even 
the losers faithfully 
give a little bit. 
Hey, tonight I did it. 
Join together, 
Kansas City. 
Lets dance! 
I thank you, 
particularly if you 
are Mom, Dad, 
Cristen, JacquI, or 
Theodore (RIP) 

Jonathan Sikora 

Work hard and\ 

become a leader;] 

be lazy and neverl 


(Proverbs 12:24)1 

I would like to 

thank my Mom, 

Dad, and family, as 

well as God and 

my past teachers. 

Emma Silveira 

Danielle Silvey 

Life is too short to 
be anything less 
than happy. 

Thanks Mom, Dad 
"and Kevin. 

Adam Smith 

When the roosters 
are crowing and 
the cows are 
spinning circles in 
the pasture... 
i ducks fly together. 

Thank you to my 
family and friends. 

Danielle Smith 

You have to take, 
some chances, 

you've got to risk it\ 
all, you need to 
close your eyes / ^ 

and leap. Because 
it may be worth 
the fall. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Cody, Austin and 
Kayla, DLap and 

Kendra. I love you! 

Joseph Smith 

Can I at least get 
my shoes first? 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad and to 
everyone else who 
have helped me 
throughout my life. 

Nicole Spano 

Memory is a way of\ 

tiolding on to ttiel 

tilings you iove, tiiel 

tilings you are, the, 

things you never\ 

want to lose. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
the boys, 
and friends. 
Love you! XO. 

Casey Spinney 

Sooner or later] 
we'll be looidng 

bacl< on everything 
and we'll laugh 
about it like we 

knew what all was 

Thanks to Mom 

Dad Trevor and 

Chad. Thanks to 

all my friends who 

have been there. 

Mark Sprague 

Ability is what 
you're capable of 
doing. Motivation 
t determines what 
you do. Attitude 
determines how 
well you do it. 

Thanks Mom & 
Dad, Brian, 
Elizabeth and 
Denille for all your 
love and support. 


Jennifer Stack 

Take your time, 
don't live too fast. 
Troubles will come 
and they will pass. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Nick, Haley, and 
-friends for helping 

Chelsea Stevens 

Don't cry because 
it's over, smile 
because it 

Thank you to Mom, 

Dad, Sydney, 

Perdita, the rest of 

my family, and 

my friends. 

Amanda Sullivan 

Live the life you 
love, love the life 
you live. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Ash, friends and 
family for all your 
ove and support. 

Ashleigh Sullivan 



obstacles you 

would never realize 

your potential, 

strength, willl 

power, or heart. 

Thanks for 

everything Mom, 

Dad, Amanda, 

Shannon, Sam, 

friends and family. 


Hillary Sullivan 

Life itself is a 

Thanks Dad, 

Mom, Billy 

and Kate. 

Julie Sweeney 

Hold tight to 
dreams, for if 
dreams die, life is a 
broken winged bird 
that cannot fly. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
family and all my 
friends for 
encouraging me to 
do my best. 
Love you! 

Liza Telford 

Celebrate we will 
because life is short 
but sweet for certain, 
we're climbing two 
by two to be sure 
these days continue. 

Thanks Mom, 
Heather and 
Becca. I love 
you guys, 
thanks for the 

Rebecca Telford 

The future belongs 
to those who believe 
in the beauty of 
their dreams. 
- Eleanor Roosevelti 

Thanks to all 
my family and 
friends for 
being there for| 
me and^l 
helping me i 
to succeed. 

Jake Toole 

Take care now, 
bye bye then. 

Vincent Traficante 

Whether you think 
you can orcan't,\ 
you are right. 
- Henry Ford 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad for all of 
your support. 

Thanks Mom, 

Dad, Sammi, 

Jackie, family and 

friends, Romano. 

Jared Traynor 

It's like poker, you\ 

can play your best 

but you got to know 

when to play your\ 

cards and take a rest 

and know when to 

hold them and hope 

no one is stacking 

the deck. 

Thank you to y^ 
everyone who has / 
helped me over the 
past four years. 
Mom and Dad 

Justin Vasconcelos 

Ruben Villa 

If you try your best] 
in school and life 
you will succeed. 

Thank you Mom 

and Dad for 

supporting me 

throughout my high 

school years. 

Andrea Tucker 

Life is a dance, 
from one stage to 
the next. The show 
must go on, so 
keep on dancing. 

Thank you so 
much Mom, Dad 
and Bill for always 
believing in me. 
I love you all. 

Eric Warmington 

Erika Voss 

If you always do 
what interests you, 
at least one person 
is pleased. 

Thank you 
everyone who 
bettered me as a 
person. Thanks 
Mom, Dad 
and friends. 

Gerard Walraven 

Don't take life too 

seriously; you'll 

never get out alive. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 

all of my family, 

Cortney, and all of 

my friends who 

have supported me. 

Emily Warnock 

The future belongs 
to those who 
believe in the 
beauty of their 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Cal, and Ben for all 
of your love, 
support and 
Love you! 

Well in the end we 
can all call a friend 
well thats something 
I know is true. And 
then a thousand 
years and a 
thousand tears I'll 
come finding my 
original crew. 
Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Russell, 
Trishia and friends 
for everything. 
I love you! 


It is our choices 

that show what 

we truly are, far 

more than our 


Thanks Mom, Dad, 

Joey, Max, and all 

my friends, family, 

Ms. Depasqua, 

and Mr. Dube. 

Geoffrey Whelan 

Life is lil<e a lal<e, 

some days calm, 

some days choppy, 

but liow you make 

it tiirougli is 

wtiat counts. 

(Carpe Diem). 

I would like to ^ 
thank my parents 
for giving me 
the motivation 
to succeed. 

Gillian White 

Wit mal<es its own 

welcome, and\ 

levels all 

distinctions. No 

dignity, no\ 

learning, no force' 

of character, can 

make any stand 

against good wit. 

Mom, you're the 

"friend a friend 

would like to have." 

Thanks to you, 

Dad & Jonathan! 

Brian Whorf 

Maxwell Wicklund 

When the power of 
love overcomes 
the love of power 
the world will 
know peace. 
-Jimi Hendrix 

Thanks to Bob 
Marley, Bob Dylan, 
and Eddie 
Van Halen. 



Erika Williams 

Do not follow 

where the path 

may lead. Go 

instead where 

there is no path & 

leave a trail. 

My parents & 

family, my friends, 

Amanda, Kathleen, 

Jamie & Olivia & 

my brother 

and sister. 

Life is better in 
full throttle. 

Thank you for 
good times and 

Jordan Williams 

Laugh with the 
sinners and cry 
with the saints. 

Thank you Mom 
and Dad and all my 
friends for making 
high school a 
great experience. 

Kristin Williams 

Life is full of 

surprises, good 

and bad, so what 

happens in 

the future is 

meant to be. 

Thank you to my 

friends for 

being there for 

me especially 

Amanda, Justin, 

and Ryan. 

Jillian Willow 

/ think I am 
therefore I am, 
I think. 

Nathan Woods 

You miss 100% of 
the shots you 
never take. 

Thanks to my 
family and friends. 

Daniel Wright 

m Outer space is 
^ filled with 
strange goblins. 

5* I would like 
r- to thank 
Shawn Lewis. 

Charles Wyman 

Treat everyone you 

meet with respect, 

love and kindness. 

Isn't there enough 

in the graveyards? 

Don't be the cause 

and help prevent 

another victim. 

Thanks Mom, Jeff, 

Erin, Nina, Arielle, 

Sara, Mr. Riz, Bri, 

and Taki 

Kelli Wynne 

Things are 
changing, we're 
growing apart. It's 
not goodbye but a 
change in heart. 
The road we've 
traveled was just a 
start, I'm sure we'll 
meet again. 

I'd like to thank my 
family and friends 
for supporting me. 
I love you all! 

Daniel Young 

Alex Carroll 

Live life to the 

fullest because you 

never know when 

it's going to come 

back to get you. 

Thank you to 

everyone who 

has helped me 

progress as a 

person throughout 

my high 

school career. 

Meaghan Llerena 

Thank you 
Mom and Dad. 

Not Pictured: 

Anthony Acevich, Derek Baker, Kyle Bodell, Dina Brown, Alicyn 

Cavanagh, Christopher Channel!, Russell Clifford, Katharine Conway, 

Michael Crawford, Kyle Dumas, Erin Govoni, Lauren Gutekunst, 

Donald Hayes, Craig Howie, Donald Jackson, Phillip Kane, Megan 

Kearney, Sarah Kidd, Katelyn Pelletier, Christopher Read, Katie 

Salvucci, Michael Saunders, Sarah Sneli, Matthew Tomasello, Mark 

Vacchino, John Vito, Christina Waterman, Dylan Wheaton, Stephen 

Wrightington, Richard Wyman 

Class of 


Senior Superlatives 

Best Smile 

Karyn Sampson 


Derrick Fernandes 


Ryan Dwyer 

Lindsey Feely 

Nick Barone 

Best Eyes 

Alicia Ahola 

Eddie Grispi 

Best Dancer 

Andrea Tucker 


Peter Clark 

Class Individual 

Sara Dubois 

Josh Larson 

Best Hair 

Kelly Sampson 

Gillian White 

Jesse George 

Best Dressed 

Molly Connolly 


Nick Barone 


Class Flirt 

Riley Berry 


Mark Sprague 

Class Clown 

Hope Lemay 


Steve Scozzari 

Class Friendliest 

Katie Bruno 

Chris Goonan 

Girl Best Friends 

Jenna Graziano 


Amy Conboy 


Co-ed Best Friends 

Kelley Marshall 

Derrick Fernandes 

Should've Been a Couple 

Sam Ford 


Nate Woods 

Boy Best Friends 

Dan Wright 


John Lockwood 

Class Couple 

Rachel Cox 

Eddie Martin 


Most Likely to 
Age Well 

Rachel Darsch 

Eddie Grispi 

Most Athletic 

Sam Ford 

Eric Gay 

Most Likely to be 
Late to Graduation 

Heather Buchanan 


Brian Chaves 

Gym Class Hero 

Karyn Sampson 


Lulce Fortini 


Most School Spirit 

Olivia Sheperd 


Nate Woods 

Most Sarcastic 




Jeremy Horton 

Most Artistic 

Amanda Brack 


Joe Davis 

Most Musical 

Christine McBride 

Teddy Weckbacher 


Most Talkative 

Hope Lemay 

Mark Sprague 

Beauty and Brains 

Deanna Borrelli 

Caleb Darsch 

l\/lost Lil<ely to 
Win an Oscar 

Christine IVIcBride 

Teddy Wecl<:bacher 

Computer Genius 

Devin Rebello 

Chris Gorman 



Best All Around 

Sarah Cazeault 

Chris Ballerini 


Most Likely 
to Succeed 

Emily Warnock 

IVIichael Shuster 

Best Voccie 

Sam Quigley 


Dan Brady 

Gossip King and Queen 

l\/latt Donovan 


Colby Radomski 


Drama King and 

Mark Sprague 


Colby Radomski 


Emmy Night 
January lOthy 2008 






Varsity Players: Anthony Altieri, Matt Balaschi, Steve Berna, Scott Carlson, Mike Clark, Vinnie 
DeKarski, Marc Devine, Roger Dillingham, Sean Doherty, Matt Donovan, Scott Drinkwater, Joe 
Finn, Andrew Flynn, Eric Gay, Steve Gay, Greg Gosselin, Sean Gurley, Greg Hanson, Joe 
Ignagni, Taylor Irish, Steve Kasanovich, Ryan Kenney, Jake Luque, Kurt Marble, Eddie Martin, 
Marcus Mendes, Mike Miller, Brandon Powell, Robert Reissfielder, Dillion Riley, Jaryd Rudolph, 
Jerry Sass, Kevin Sheehy, Darius Snnith, Joe Smith, Zach Smith, Jonathan Stevens, Robert 
Stuble, Josh Sweeny, Andrew Thomas, Josh Tomasello, Vinny Traficante, Alex Trask, Ken 
White, Brian Whorf, Chris Woodford, Kyle Young Head Coach: Dana Battista 



Football Cheerleadinp 

Front: Shannon King, Rachel Cox, Katie Bruno, Stephanie 

Manning, Rachel Dupuis, Courtney Nastasia, Olivia Shepherd 

Middle: Victoria Shepherd, Darcey Bastis, Michelle Menice, 

Samantha Bunszel, Marielle Bouchard, Haley Svopa, Kelsey 

Doyle Back: Victoria Wynne, Michelle Phan, Amanda Crawford, 

Marissa Ahola, Shannon Nunzio, Meghan Hayward, Alisa Croce 

Senior Cheerleaders 

Boys Soccer 

Front: Dan Gallant, VInny Gillespie, Kevin Gomes, Nick Hanss, Tucker Fairbanks, 

Mark Sprague, Andrew McCarthy Middle: Jon Sampson, Doug Dromey, Kyle 

McGinn, Jarred Traynor, Adam Smith, Zach McHale, Billy Thornsbury Back: 

Brenden Pittsley, Jon Badot, Alex Turcotte, Derek Barone, Jake Fahey, Darrell 

Kavka, Jake Menton, Coach: Dan Correia, Not Pictured: Caleb Darsch, Jon Badot, 

Gage Bradford 

Girls Soccer 

Front: Brittany Hall, Amy Doyle, Megan Cogran, Taylor Massman, Chelsea Shaughnessy, Noelle 

Marston, Danielle Silvey, Jackie Greenwood, Jenn Stack Back: Nikki Sheridan, Amanda Hogan, 

Kristina Marston, Stephanie McLauglin, Sarah Rogers, Julie Morris, Callie Warnock, Haley Stack, 

Meghan Morris, Lauren Kasianowitz, Kellie Gomes Coach: Greg Visinho 

M' '4. ^ 


r u''--^'-^- ' ^ ' i-.' *wM;a!W RkW'!4v^^wwwmww^^ ^ ^ 

Field Hockey 

Front: Alexandra Whelan, Jennie Sjostedt, Colleen Doyle, Hope Lemay, Emily 

Goodwin, Jackie Daly Back: Molly Maloon (Manager), Sarah Williams, Caitlin 

Lewis, Rachel McKenna, Aubrey Gould, Jenna Pitts, Caitltin Never, Erica Shultz, 

Coach: Colleen Gibbons 







|ff''' ^^ 




Bmii ^^S9H 



Front: Sarah Botellho, Robin Despins, Samantha Ford, Allison Mulvey, 

Ashley Brinson-Thompson, Christine Waterhouse, manager Amy Richards 

Back: Coach: Greg Black, Bri Johnson, Collene Black, Alison Miller, Casey 

Spinney, Amanda Graham, Moriah Logan, Athena Liousas 

Cross Country 

Team Members: Christine Aghjayan, Matt Burgess, Lauren Coneeny, Rachel Darsch, 

Shannon Davis, Joe Foley, Luke Fortini, Seth Gillis, Ryan Hansen, Jeremy Norton, Greg 

Kelley, Brianna Kelly, Brendon Loring, Patrick Pullen, Karyn Sampson, Kelly Sampson, 

Dalton Sears, John Sheridan, Jimmy Smith, Courtney Staples, Shannon Sullivan, Matt 

Tuttle, Emily Warnock, Austin Wonderly Coaches: Joe Darsch and Gary Moore 



Front: Anthony Cardullo, Billy Guilford, 
Chris Ballerini, Evan Campbell, Pat Ford 
Back: John Hidalgo, Tim Parker, Taylor 
DeOgburn, Chris Bowman, Alan Morgan 

Boys Basketball 

Senior Players 

Ryan Dwyer 

Derrick Fernandes 

Dan Gallant 

Cameron Gannon 

Team Members: Derek Barone, Matt Burgess, Scott 
Carlson, Taylor De'Ogburn, Marc Devin, Colin Dwyer, Ryan 
Dwyer, Derrick Fernandes, Dan Gallant, Cameron Gannon, 

Steve Storey, Sean Walsh, Joe Whalen, Greg Yost 
Head Coach: Richard Boulrisse 

Joe Whalen 

Girls Basketball 

Senior Players 

Amy Conboy 

Talia Dechiara 

Team Members: Amy Conboy, Nicole Conboy, Talia Dechiara, 
Samantha Ford, Jenna Graziano, Jen Hogan, Taylor Massmann, 
AHison Mulvey, Sarah Rogers, Chelsea Shaughnessy, Christine 

Head Coach: Dick Steele 

Sam Ford Jenna Graziano 

Taylor Massmann j^^^^^ j^^i^^^ 

Chelsea Shaughnessy 

Christine Waterhouse 




'^ A&L\ jH^PI^bII 



wiP-%^ ^ 


m ^ n. 


«»eaB^-. MiWMiA i 

Basketball Cheerleadinp 

Team Members: Katie Bruno, 

Shannon King, Steplnanie Manning, 

Haley Svopa, Kelsey Svopa, Kelli 

Wynne, Victoria Wynne, Alyssa 

Smitin, Marissa Ahoia, Amanda 

Crawford, IVIiclielle Piian, IVIeghan 

Hayward, Alisa Croce 

Head Coach: Kathy Benash 


Team Members: Jacob Briggs, Jon Celia, Matt Cosby, James Coughlin, Sean 

Doherty, Vincent Gillespie, James Markings, Bryan Leavey, Zachery Levesque, Miller 

Michael, Brett Roche, Brandon Roy, Brian Scolamiero, Mark Sprague, Aaron Supple, 

Andrew Thomas, Patrick Thompson, Joshua Traynor, Nathan Woods 

Coaches: Russ Shute and Greg Black 



Team Members: Nick Bachelder, Chris BallerinI, Ryan Bartlett, Steve Berna, Gage Bradford, Dan Brady, iVlatt 

Donovan, Doug Dromey, Eric Gay, Edmund Grispi, John Hidalgo, Joshua Lingquist, Brian Lucas, Jake Luque, 

Chris Lyons, Edward IVlartin, James Mason, Craig McKinnon, Jake Menton, Anthony Russo, Joe Shephard, 

Ruben Villa, Chuck Woodmen, Daniel Young Head Coach: William Donovan Assistant Coach: Brandon Hall 

Manager: Samantha Kane 









ml 1 







■^ v' "^ "^ ^v m"^ 

Team Members: Nick Bachelder, Chris BallerinI, Ryan Bartlett, Steve Berna, Gage Bradford, Dan Brady, iVlatt 
Donovan, Doug Dromey, Eric Gay, Edmund Grispi, John Hidalgo, Joshua Lingquist, Brian Lucas, Jal<e Luque, 

Chris Lyons, Edward IVlartin, James IVIason, Craig McKinnon, Jake Menton, Anthony Russo, Joe Shephard, 
Ruben Villa, Chuck Woodmen, Daniel Young Head Coach: William Donovan Assistant Coach: Brandon Hall 

Manager: Samantha Kane 

■ft m 'mw 


Team Members: Rachel Cox, Kelsey Doyle, Rachel Dupuis, 

Kristlna Marston, Sarah O'Shaughnessy, Olivia Shepherd, 

Victoria Shepherd, Danielle Silvey 

Coach: Lindsay-Leigh Consolati 









Girls Winter Tracl< 

Team Members: Maria Battista, Stephanie Bond, Melissa Burgess, Lauren Coneeny, 

Erin Crockett, Rachel Darsch, Shannon Davis, Crystal Derosier, Amy Doyle, Sarah 

Fuller, Kelly Heath, Bri Johnson, Bri Kelly, Robin Kennedy, Alex Leavens, Gabby 

Marks, Danielle Marston, Noelle Marston, Julie Morris, Megan Morris, Jackie Neves, 

Jenna Pitts, Victoria Riley, Karyn Sampson, Kelly Sampson, Haley Stack, Emily 

Warnock, Olivia White, Theresa Zeoli Coach: Joe Darche 

Boys Indoor Track 

Team Members: Armando Aran, Justin Barbas, Alex Cassavant, Christian Connolly, 

Travis Delaney, Jason Ewas, Tucker Fairbanks, Joe Foley, Luke Fortini, Seth Gills, 

Greg Gosselin, Matt Grote, Ryan Hansen, Jeremy Norton, Chris Kelley, Greg Kelley, 

Matt Kelley, Alex Ledwell, Chris MacDonald, Chris Matinzi, Chris McNiff, Tyler Mills, 

Andrew Moalli, Ryan Naticchioni, Corey Palmer, Pat Pullen, Dillon Riley, William Ross, 

Corey Rousseau, Mike Schuster, Garrett Seiden, John Sheridan, Adam Smith, Darius 

Smith, Jimmy Smith, Alex Turcotte, Matt Tuttle, Zac Ventura, Kenny White, Brian Whorf, 

Austin Wonderly Coach: Gary Moore 

Swim Team 

Team Members: Nina Anderson, Amanda Ballerini, Rob Bilodeau, Nicole Carlson, 

Christopher Channel, Tom Cheever, Makaila Decker, Matthew Dickerman, Jamie Erikson, 

Julie Felts, Pauline Goffioul, Colleen Guilderson, Katelyn Hall, Erin Kaye, Kerrin Murray, Amy\ 

Olson, Curt Olson, Ryan Pittsley, Colby Radomski, Mariah Smith, Lauren Smolic, Elizabeth 

Tobin, Callie Warnock, Rachel Webby, Sarah Wheble, Erika Williams, Sarah Williams 

Head Coach: Matt Peck 

Clubs /^ 

Best Buddies 

Audio Visual 

■ -"asasasSiSgsssisa^-- 

Dance Team 







Speech & 





Farmers of 



Student Aides 





Math Team 


Against Drunk 




Clubs ff 


Key Club 




Drama Club 


Honor Society 


Clubs /i 



Senior Class 


Summer Before Senior Year 

Spirit Week 






\ i 







jmKSiWjA\ ■'^' 













S# ''J 

' 1 




ML '^ 

m PrJ" 1 S 



i' M 





V Jftlfl 

A. \\^Hi^^ 

115 i 







,i , '■■' . "i 

■f .■*j 

-Sl^er Lake TalMiBr'^- 

The Secret Garden 

Chillin ' at the Lake 

Career Technical Education 

Automotive Technolo( 

Marketing & 


^iOgSbfr * 

*■ in)ny(t«(«»*ii 



Metal Fabrication 
& Welding 

■»aivr •, 



w«— , f^. 



' ^l^^iBB^^nl 

K ^ ^OB^^^^I^^^^^^I 

^^ / 


^n ^" THnH 

Bt.-- . ■«&■■■ """"""^^Hk^' .^stiff 

91' ' ' ^91 


K ^ 

Hj^-- r^'ym 


,^m^ ...^J2 


Career Technical Education 

Culinarv Arts 

Conservation & 

In the Classroom 






•sr * ^y 


Note from the 
Class President 

Dear Class of 2008, 

It seems like just yesterday that we walked the halls of Silver Lake as confused 
freshmen expecting the worst. We envied the seniors and thought, "I can't wait to 
be one." Well, that time has finally come. After three years of wishing and waiting, 
we are seniors. We are the class of 2008. 

As cliche as it sounds, these past four years have flown by. Sure, we've 
experienced some rough times that have caused us to say "I can't wait to graduate," 
but now that the time has finally come, you can't help but think about what you will 
be missing. The familiar faces of teachers and classmates and walking the halls in 
a place we have all become so familiar with will now be a mere memory. As they 
say, all good things must come to an end. The road through high school has ended 
and we are now on our way to create our own futures and when it comes to the 
future, anything is possible. 

I can only hope that every one of us will be able to leave Silver Lake with 
something special; whether it be an unbreakable friendship, good advice, wisdom, a 
sense of perseverance, or a high school memory that will remain as vivid in your 
mind as the day it happened. I thank everyone for allowing me to lead them in their 
final year of high school and for all the friendships and memories. I wish you all the 
best of luck for a happy, healthy and successful future. 

Congratulations Class of 2008! 

Your Class President, 

Deanna Borrelli 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live tfie life you've imagined." 
- Henry David Thoreau 


The Way 
We Were 




Elementary School 

^dr p^.'-""' 


M '■ 




1 ^ ^#1 

^^^L ■ -j^A-' j^^^^^K 


1 '■ /i.''^' * W^H 




\ 1 






--P r 









^H '^-^ 









Seniors as Freshmen 




luVj j 


. ■ ■ X:v 



^^7 f ^ 


■V ^^ ^ J 



^V m^ym 

"* 1 

^-s 1 ^H^^^^H 

Seniors as Juniors 

Junior Prom 

April 27, 2007 

Indian Pond Country Club 



Letters From The Editors 


Well ladies, it's 
been a blast! I 
can't think of a 
better group of 
people to work 
with. Enjoy, 
Class of 2008! 
Best wishes! 


Like school, 
this task was 
not easy. .But 
we did it girls! 
Good luck to 
next year and 
shoot for the 


have a happy, 
healthy future 
& I hope you 
all keep these 
memories with 
you forever. 
Class of '08! 


Yearbook girls 
its been a 
good time. A 
lot of work but 
we did it! 
Good luck to 
everyone and 
enjoy class of 


I hope this 
reflects all of 
your best 
memories! We 
had a great 
time making it 
so enjoy and 


Congrats class 
of '08! Enjoy the 
yearbook. High 

memories will 
be some of the 
best, hold on to 
Best Wishes! 


Congrats to the 
class of 2008! It 
took a lot of 
hard work to 
make such an 
yearbook ;-) 
Best wishes! 



Class of 2008, 
I hope the 
yearbook staff 
captured some 
of your fondest 
high school 
memories! Best 
wishes and luck 
to all of you! :) 


Congrats to 
everyone who 
made it 
through the 
past four 
years! Its been 
fun and we 
made some 

Good Luck! 


We did it! High 
school is over 
but our 
memories we 
made will last 
forever in this 
Congrats '08 
and Good 


I hope this 
captured all 
the fun we've 
had these past 
four years! 
Good luck and 
Class of 2008! 


Oh the Lake! 
Four wonderful 
years, don't 
forget them! 
Congrats class 
of '08, it's been 
swell! Best of 
luck to 

Parent Ads 





Kelley Marshall 


Thank you for your hard work, determination and 
accompHshments. You took your responsibiUties as a student 
seriously and it shows! ! Your self-motivation is something to be 
proud of and will be key to your successful future. 

We feel lucky to have you as our daughter and wouldn't change 
a thing about you. We are excited and proud to be a part of what 
you have done and can't wait to see what your future holds. The 
thing we want most for you Kelley is happiness... we will always be 
here for you!! 

Lots and Lots of Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Gillian White 

Dear Gillian: 

Gotta hold on easy as I let you go, I'm gonna tell 
you how much I love you although I think you 
already know. Beautiful baby from the outside in, go 
on take this old world but to me you'll always be my 
little girl. What would you do with it? Never, 
settlefor the path of least resistance. Someday we'll 
know if love can move a mountain, someday we'll 
know why the sky is blue! 

I hope you never loose your sense of wonder, 
when one door closes I hope one more opens. 
Always give faith a fighting chance. Hold on tight, 
don't let go this world is gonna pull us through, don't 
give up, and don't forget we only get what we give. 

So go ahead, let your hair down your gonna find 
yourself somewhere, somehow and if that road gets 
dark and you can no longer see, turn around and I'll 
be there to catch you, for us there is no end I will 
hold you up for an eternity. My wish for you is that 
this life becomes all that you want it to, never look 
back, never regret, give more than you take. One 
thing you must keep with you, when you find that 
dime "shiny" or "dull" remember who loves you. 
Love Always, Mom 

Danielle Silvey 

Life is filled with new beginnings, 
Every ending is a new beginning. 



Congratulations ! You have worked 

very hard! We are very proud of the 

young woman you've become. We 

wish you a life filled with happiness 

and love. Follow your dreams, reach 

for the stars, and always keep smiling ! 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad & Kevin XOXO 

Eric Gay 

You have had such a wondeful past 

four years with an awesome group of 

friends. We are so proud of all you have done 

in school and out. You have a 

Heart of Gold , full of determination and love. 

It will take you far in Life . We Love you and 

will be here for you always. 

Love, Mom, Dad 

Dave, Steve, Adam and Owen 

Andrea Clawson 

Congratulations ! Andrea, follow your 

dreams and remember the sky's the limit. 

We're so proud of your accomplishments 

and how you always make the right 

choices. You will always be our "little 


Love, Mom & Dad 


Maxwell Wicklund 

1 "If my words did glow with 
P the gold of sunshine 
and my tunes were played 
on the harp unstrung 
would you hear my voice 
come through the music 
would you hold it near as it 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hp ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fc'^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

were your own" 

-Robert Hunter 

^BK . /^.^^^H^^^HI 


Your voice will always "come through the music." 

Mom, Dad and Greta 

Megan Gormley 


Congratulations ! Thank you for being the type of daughter that any 
parent would be proud of having! The years have gone by quickly but 
some things never changed, like your beautiful smile, great friends and 
your creativeness. You are a very strong person with immense talents 
and a beautiful personality that shines. Another chapter in your life is 
just beginning and we know you will do great things. 
Love Always, 

Mom and Dad 

Mark Sprague 


We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments ! 
You are starting a new journey in life, whatever path you 
choose to travel; listen to your heart, follow your 
dreams and work hard. Success will follow. 

You are loved for the little 
boy you were, the special 
young man you are now 
and the wonderful son you 
will always be to us ! 

We believe in you ! 
We love you ! Mom, Dad, Brian and Elizabeth Nae 


Darcy & Casey Carroll 

Darcy & Casey, 

It seems like just yesterday you were bom and made us the happiest parents ever. 

Now you're graduating and continue to make us happy and proud everyday of our 

Hves. You have achieved so much through your school years, always putting so 

much effort and pride into everything you do. Keep up your high standards and 

you'll always succeed. 

We love you and always know how special you are to us. 

Love Dad, Mom, Katelyn, Erin & Shannon 

Kathrvn Bruno 

Congratulations ! 

"My wish, for you, is 
that this hfe becomes 
all that you want it to, 
your dreams stay big, 
your worries stay 


You never need to 

carry more than you 

can hold, and while 

you're out there 
getting where you're 

getting to, 

I hope that you know 

somebody loves you, 

and wants the same 

things too. Yeah this 

is my wish" 

(Rascal Flatts) 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Jenny and Sarah 

Chris Goonan 


It's hard to believe that you've come to 
the end of your high school years. As 
you'll soon discover, the best is yet to 
come. We love you, and you have made 
us so proud in everything you've 
accomplished thus far. Remember, the 
sky is the limit! 


Mom, Dad, & Jessica 

Kevin Joseph Manning 

Kevin ! 

We're proud of you. 

Good luck in 


Love, Mom, Deidre 
and Olivia 

Cameron Gannon 

Job well done ! 

Love Mom! 

Amanda Ballerini 



We are so proud of you 
for your drive and 
determination. We wish 
you the best in acheiving 
your hopes and will be 
there to watch you 
succeed in your future 

Kerri Hackett 

"The best thing about the future is that it 

comes one day at a time." (Abraham Lincoln 

1809-1865) Wheresoever you go, go with all 

your heart. 

We love you Kerri- Mom, Dad, Bobby, 

Norah, Aaron & Aaron (A.J.) Sarah, Chad, 

Meranda, Kelsey & Hannah 

Molly Connolly 


You have every reason to be happy and those 

who love you have every reason to be proud. 

May you reach all your goals in life. The 

world is waiting for you as you have so much 

to offer. 

Best wishes and a lot of love to you! 

Love Mom & Dad 

Samantha Ford 


You have grown into an amazing young woman and have 

given us so much joy over the years. We are so proud of you 

and all of your accomplishments. We know you will succeed 

in whatever you choose to do. We love you and will always 

be there for you. Congratulations! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Michael Clark 




■.> ^^1 


j&jjJtfj^L ^^ 

t Jfl 


^M i^ 




^ 1 

- M 


11 : 


Michael, our beautiful smiling little "boy" 

who has brought us so much joy, is now 

grown and we couldn't be prouder! 


Keep smiling; be happy; and dream big! 

With all our love, Mom, Dad, Bob and Patrick 

Stacey Lourenco 

The day you were 

born, we knew you 

had to be special. 

We love you so 

much and are so 

proud of who you 

Love Mom, Dud, 
Dale, Oreo 

Sarah Cazeault 


We admire your joy and enthusiasm for 
life. Always believe in your dreams andl 
take charge to shape your own destiny. 
We love you and are so proud of you! 
Mom, Dad, and Emma 

Breana Pitts 


We couldn't have asked God for a more 

perfect daughter. We are so proud of 

everything you are today and are yet to 

become. Way to go... 

Love you always. 


Mom, Dad + Lissa 

Emily Anne Patchett 


It has been a joy to watch you grow... 

We are so proud of the wonderful young 

woman that you are. Trust your own 

instincts, always follow your dreams and 

Enjoy Life! 

"Although these changes have come. 
With your chrome heart shining in the sun 
Long may you run..." 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Eric Peterson 


Your Scandinavian name was chosen 

from long ago leaders- 
Men who made a difference 
Carved a path for others 
Stood up for themselves 

Your sense of direction is good and 
strengthens with every new year. 
Your mother, father, brother, sister and 
all of our families collective, are 
already proud of you- The future is 


Max Murray 





Cortney Shepard 

Congratulations to a job well done 
sweetheart! We are so proud of the 
young lady you have become. May your 
sensitivity to others, perseverance and 
desire for social justice bring you great 
success. You truly are a model daughter! 

Love Mom & Dad 

Kelly and Karyn Sampson 

Dear Kelly and Karyn, 

Congratulations on your High School Graduation! We are so proud of you both. You have become 
beautiful, caring and respectful young ladies. We are looking forward to wonderful futures for you 
both and can't wait to see what it brings. Always know that we are right beside you with our love 
and support. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Ryan S. Dwyer 

Success comes before you reach your 
goal, for it is as simple as taking a 
step in the right direction. 
Love Mom, Dad, Pat and Wes 

Daniel Brady 


You are a sincere, thoughtful, caring son, brother 

and friend. You share your heart with everyone 

you meet with a smile, a wave or a hello. We are 

so proud of who you are and we know you will 

succeed in whatever you choose to do. 

Remember we all love you and we will always 

be here for you. 


Mom, Dad, Paul, Joe, Minga and Rocky 


Jennifer Stack 

Jenny Bear! 

We are all so proud of what "you 
have achieved academically and on 
the field. You have become a 
beautiful young woman full of 
confidence, kindness and humor. 
We know you will have great 
success in any path you take. 
Know that you will always have 
our love and support. Always 
remember what Dad says, "She's a 

Much love. 

Mom & Dad 

Nicki & Haley 

Maddy & Murphy 

Danielle Smith 


Congratulations on your success in high school. 

Carry that commitment and determination with 

you through college and beyond. When we think 

of the things you have already accomplished, it 

makes us smile. We are so proud that you're our 


-Love you- Mom, Dad, Cody & Austin XO 

Katelyn Savage & Michael Clark 

Congratulations Katie and Mike 

Best of luck in the future. 

Keep up the good work. 

Love, Nana Cotter 

Jessica A. Formoso 

|;-^^s& -^^ 



The day is finally here! All the changes you've gone 
through, WOW! We are so proud of you! Remember to 
stay true to yourself, always believe in yourself and keep 
moving forward! We love you. (I hope you dance) LOL 

With Love, 
Mom, Dad & Jessica 

Eddie Martin 

Congratulations Eddie! 

As you walk away from the halls of Silver Lake another 
season of your life complete, know it's a huge win. Bud, you are a 
true " Laker" proud and strong. As you move from one field to the 
next hold your head high and be proud of your accomplishments. 

Your run was hard and had some challenges. Your journey 
has been harder than most, but you always reminded us it was 
easier than some. You made us all believe in miracles. Carry that 
optimism, endurance and huge heart always and no matter what 
happens in the next game you'll be a success. 

You have an incredible group of friends who always 
cheer you on and a family that loves you. Believe in the 
impossible... we "hope you don't mind that we wrote down in words 
how wonderful life is with you in the world." 

Mom, Dad & Nicole 


Brittany Berk 

You did it Brittany! We're not quite sure how you became so smart, but we're really 
happy you did. You've achieved more than we ever could have hoped, and we're so 
unbelievably proud of your accompUshments. 

Lots of Love, Mum, Dad and Tuffy 

Katelyn Savage 

Congratulations Katie Savage!! 
We are so proud of you. 

Love Always, Mom, Dad, Eddie 
(and Tasha and Pixie) 


Josh Larson 

Congratulations Josh Larson! 

We're very proud of all your accomplishments, 

including your black belt in karate, your 

participation in A.V., Wind Ensemble, the 

Hanson Food Pantry, and the Battle of the Band 

concerts at the K of C, Even the loud cellar 

bands were cool. 

We wish you and your classmates much 

happiness and success in the future. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

A. Calvin 

It's been a long battle, 
but you won. 

Mom & Dad 



Emily Goodwin 

Congratulations Emily! 

You have worked hard and accomplished so much. 

We are so proud of the things you have accomplished and the 

person you have become. 

You have enriched our lives with laughter. 

Your drive and determination are inspiring. 

We wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence and 

the wisdom to follow your dreams. 

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrrow." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Love Mom & Dad 


Courtney Nastasia 


We are so proud of you. All your hard work 
and dedication to being successful has finally 
paid off. You're a graduate and off to college. 
To see you grow from the beautiful little girl in 
these pictures to the beautiful, capable young 
woman you are, has brought us immeasurable 
pride and respect for everything you have done. 
We love you with all our hearts and will always 
support, love and be there for you. We know 
you will accomplish whatever you set out to do. 


Mom & Dad, Zach, Bobby 

and your whole family 


Jenna Graziano 

Jenna Babe, 

We are so proud of you. It seems like yesterday you were going on 
I that BIG yellow school bus for the first time. Now you are graduating 
from High School. WOW! Life goes by so fast. Enjoy every minute 
I of it while you are making your dreams come true. Live life to the 
fullest and always be happy. 

You are a wonderful daughter and sister and we love you very much! 
We will always be here for you. 


Mom, Dad, Mitch, Lizzie & Nick 


Casey Spinney 

Congratulations Casey ! 

We are so proud of all of all your 

hard work and accomplishments. 

We know you will succeed in 

whatever you do. 


Mom, Dad, Trevor & Chad 

Amy Richards 

It was only yesterday you graduated from 
"pretty school" with 13 more years of 
memories yet to make. Now you are 
graduating from High School and leaving 
behind the childhood memories. A world of 
possibilities lies ahead for you. We are all 
very proud of you. 
Congratulations Amy! 
Love, Mom, Pad, and Heather 


Julie Sweeney 

Just as you finish this chapter in your life 

Understand that there are more chapters that will 

Lead you to some wonderful 

Interesting parts of your life you have yet to 


May you always strive to 
Acquire the best in 
Everything you do! 

Love Always, 
Mom & Dad 

Jeremy Horton 


Congratulations! You have made us very proud! Keep working hard and you will achieve your 

dreams. Just remember that we will always be there for you whenever you need us. You have so 

much to offer. Wait til the world finds out about you! 

With much love, 

Papa, Mama and Kevin 

Christopher Matinzi 

Christopher, we are so proud of you! 

Keep smihng! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Amanda Clapp 


Keep that adventurous 

spirit and sense of 

humor! We are so proud 

of you and love you so 

very much! 

Mom & Dad 


No matter what happens. 

you should always 

know... I've got your 


Love, Zack 


Richard Allen 


I knew you could do it! ! ! Good Luck with everything that you do. 

Richard Allen 


We are so proud of you on this your graduation day. We wish you 
health and happiness today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. 
We Love You, 
Nana & Papa 
Nana & Grampy 

Richard Allen 

U M 


With love, pride and confidence we watch our "Uttle boy "end 
one chapter of his Hfe and begin a new one. Wherever this new 
chapter leads, go with all of your heart, mind and will, 
remembering that in this life happiness comes from within and the 
future is in good hands - your own. Be happy and you will always 
be a success. 

As the tassel is turned a new path you'll take 
May God guide each step and choice that you make 


Mom & Dad 


Brittany Bonney 

Dear Britfany, 

We blinked... and you were all 
grown up. We are all so proud of 
you and know you'll put a dent in 
this world. 

"A Masterpiece is a gill to the world 
from the one who conceives it. 
labors over it, and then leaves it 
behind for all the world to see." 

You are a canvas. One day a 

We love you. 

Mom. Dad, Jackie, and Georaia 

Craig McKinnon 


Keep the positive attitude! 

Keep smiling! 

Love Mom, Dad, Lee 

Corv Palmer 


Dearest Cory: 


We are incredibly proud of the 


young man you have become. 

Iv ^^K^ 

Your kindness, your wonderful 

F ^ ^H 1 

sense of humor, and all that 

you have accomplished have 

been an inspiration to us. 


God bless you! 


Romans 5:6-8 

All our love, 

Mom & Dad 


Matthew Cosby 


Dad and I thought this day would never come, 
but it has and we are very proud of you. We hope 
that you have a lifetime filled with happiness and 

Love Always, 

Mom and Dad 

Devin E. Rebello 


I hope you never lose your sense of wonder 

You get your fill to eat 

But always keep that hunger 

May you nerver take one single breath for granted 

God forbid love ever leave you empty handed 

I hope you still feel small 

When you stand by the ocean 

Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens 

Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance 
I hope you dance 

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance 

Never settle for the path of least resistance 

Living might mean taking chances 

But they're worth taking 

Lovin' might be a mistake 

But it's worth making 

Don't let some hell bent heart 

Leave you bitter 

When you come close to selling out 


Give the heavens above 

More than just a passing glance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 
I hope you dance 

- Lee Ann Womack 

We love you little baby Dad, Mom, and Michael 


Amy Conboy 

Congratulations ! 


Thank you for 
making the last 1 8 years 
a special joy for us. We 
love who you are and 
wish you a life of good 
health, happiness, and 
true love. Enjoy the 
wonderful journey life 
has to offer you. 

With Love, 

Dad, Mom and Nicole 

Mark O'Kane 



You have worked very hard on your journey, and 
the best is yet to come. We love you very much 
Marky, and are so proud of your accompUshments. 
jg^ Love, Mom, Dad, Meredith, Hope & Hershey 

Olivia Cifrino 

"May your hands always be busy 

May your feet always be swift 

May you have a strong foundation 

When the winds of change shift 

May your heart always be joyful 

And may your song always be sung 

May you stay forever young" 

Congratulations Liv! 

Love, Mum, Randy, Hayden and Larry 

Stephanie Manning 


You have always had an off center, fun loving 

Approach to exploring your world 

Carry that with you as you continue to explore, 

Grow and challenge yourself with all the love 

And support of your family and friends 

We love you so much 
Mom, Dad and Denille 

There are two lasting bequests 

we can give our children. 

One is roots. The other is wings 

The future belongs to those who believe in 
the beauty of their dreams. 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Hodding Carter Jr. 

Sara Dubois 


Remember one thing we want you to know: 
Our love is with you wherever you go. 
Congratulations - We love you! 

Mom, Pete, and Kerri 

Vinny Traficante 


You have grown to be such a wonderful young 
man. We love you and are so proud of you. 
Always reach for your dreams, reach for the stars 
and know you always have a safe nest. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Sammi, Jackie, Bubba and Fix 


Deanna Borrelli 

We knew from the moment you came into our world 
that you were more than just our baby girl. 
From my hip to Cam 's driver seat, you have embraced 
your days with quiet determination and boundless energy. 
We know you will continue your college days with the 
same heart and soul. Though in our kitchen we will miss 
our own Rachel Ray, remember the road to home and we are 
always there for you. 

"Opportunity dances with those who are 
already on the dance floor. " 


We Love You! 

Mom, Dad, Kristina & Marisa 

You're on your uoi' lo the best years 
of your life. There you stand- about 
lo fly. pecking down overland, 
parachute behind. You're one step 
closer to being just where you want 
to he. Pull it apart and put it back 
together- relive all your adolescent 
dreams and remember- all you 
really need are a few good friends. 

Congrats! Good-Luck! 

Love! Happy Frappy! 



Welp. I 'm no! gonna lie. This is going to 
be real weird being the only one home 
with Tony, Karen and Buddy now. Til 
miss you driving me to school eveyy 
morning but. Cam is mine now! 
Congratulations and good luck! 
Love. Mauris- Oh va. remember to have fun. 

Steven Berna 

From Bright Horizons to Silver Lake 
You've worked so hard, without a break 
Along the way you learned to skate 
And Captain then became your fate. 

Those soccer kicks became a lead 

For football kicks for all to heed. 

Sports and books, thats been all it 


Now it's time to pursue your dreams! 

Best wishes for your continued success; 
We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Katherine (KBem), and Dad 

Megan Cogran 

v^^ ... .^ 





m^ W' A 




Wh-^^^^^^^" -*^ 





k .... .: 


You will always be our little star! 
Just remember to follow your heart and you 
can make all your dreams come true. 

Lots of love, 

Mom, Dad, Cris and Dave 


Margot McDonnell 

You've come a long way baby and we 

are extremely proud of you. 

Love You Always, 

Mom, Dad, Brother 


Julia Q'Keefe 

Julia: Our budding little artist. 
We have watched you blossom into a 
beautiful, talented young woman. We 
are so proud of all your 
accomplishments, and look forward to 
many more. We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom & Dad, Michael & Family 

Jake Toole 

Congratulations Jake ! 

We love you and we are so proud of you. You 

have worked hard and stayed true to yourself. 

Love, Mum and Dad 

Joshua C. Peters 


We're proud of you, 

We love you and 

Wish you the best of luck in 


Love, Mom and Bruce 

Kellie MacFarlane 

Dare to create your dreams. 

Find the strength in your heart to fight for 

them. Have the unwavering belief in your 

soul to know you can attain them. 

Much love. 

Mom, Dad, Mike 

And of course Rory, Tessa, Rocky 

Brea, The fish, and Amir 

Matthew Donovan 


Not a day goes by that we don't thank God for 
your brilliant smile, your easy going nature 
and your kind heart. We are all so proud of 
you and will continue to be so for all eternity. 
"May all your dreams be big" 

Love, Mom , Dad, Shawn, Danny & Joey 

Andrea Tucker 

Congratulations ! 


We are so very proud of you. 

Love, Mom & Dad XO XO XO 

You did it! 

Really proud of you. This is just the 

beginning of many successes. 

Love, Bill 


Kelli Marie Wynne 


To Kelli-Marie, 

A vvoRderful sister, friend, teammate, niece, granddaughter and most of all a very special daughter, you've 

made us prouder than we could have unagined, we wish you the very best as you move forward. 

With all our love, God Bless. 

Love, Mom Dad, Victoria and Joseph \ 

I'm a candy com and I have CANDY 


I'm a thinker 1 am!! 

Adam Smith 

Congratulations Adam! 

We are so proud of you and all 

you have accomplished. You 

are an amzaing son and brother. 

We wish you a life full of 

success and happiness! 


Mom, Dad, Lauren, Nick, Kelli, 


Liza & Becca Telford 

Congratulations Telford Twins ! 

Liza and Becca, 

We celebrate your achievements and fun 

times shared together! We look forward 

to your future successes. 

Time to fly and be your best. 

All Our Love, Mom, Dad, and Heather. 

Timothy Blanchard 

Son, we are so proud of you - 


We treasure being your parents. Our wish 

for you is a life of love, health, and 

happiness with music, family, and friends to 

light your path. All you need is in your soul. 

Rock on Tim, We love you ! 

Mom,& Dad 

Good Luck and Congratulations Big Brother. 
We Love You! Kristen & Kelly 

Joseph PaDotto 



■i^T'" "^^KKKHB^l 

From preschool til 

^^Vl '''''''' ^^^^fSte 

senior year in high 

school, you had the 

Hr- "' VfiijA 

"smile" and the 

w ^^^H 


V ■■ ^^H 

Congratualtions and 

H L ^^^1 

good luck on your 

H j^tagiH^ ^^H 

"Road to Success"! 


We are very proud 


of you ! ^^^H^HHUn'^'^^fl 1 

W.T.G. Class of 

^^■■■■■Hf S 



We love you! 


Mom, Dad, Jenna, 

^^^H '^^^^^ft^^^^^^l 

Julia and Maitai. 

: • ■ -^ 

Samantha Kane 


You have blossomed into a young woman, the girl 
with the beautiful smile and voice. We know how 
hard you have worked over these past few years. 
The future is yours to make your dreams and hopes 
into reality. You are our shining star. 

Good Luck! \ 

We are very proud of you. 
Hugs and Kisses, 

Love Mom & Dad, Ashley and Susan 

Keep Moving ! 
Stay Happy! 

Your fan club, your loving extended 
family, Congratulations! 

Brian, Sam, Tim, Jen, Julie, Alex, 
Kevin, Alex, Shawn 

Colby Radomski 

[With lots of Pride and so much Love! 

Mom, Dad & Paige 

Rachel A. Cox 

It seems like yesterday we were able to hold you for the first time. 

It seems like the day after you were able to put one foot in front of the other. 

It seems like yesterday you started a life's journey. 

It seems like the day after you started school, made friends, achieved goals, 

experienced tragedy and triumph. 

Whatever day it was in that journey, it 
didn't matter we could ALWAYS say you 
made us so proud. So with all the 
yesterdays behind us and many 
tomorrows ahead, go out today and 
embrace and enjoy everything life has to 
offer you. We love you! 

Love Mom, Dad and Cam 

Christine Waterhouse 

Congratulations Christine, 

We are so proud of you. You have grown into 

a beautiful young woman and we wish you all 

the best in the years to come. 

We love you lovebug! 

Dad, Ma, Little Russ and Maggie XO 

Colby Alves 

We are very proud of the 

young man you have grown 

up to be. You have a great 

heart and soul. Set your 

goals high and follow your 

dreams in life. Remember 

to enjoy the little things in 

life every day. 

Love Mom & Dad 

Edward L, Maguire 

You have been a joy ever since you were 

bom, and raising you has been the 

happiest years of our lives. You have 

made us very proud. We wish you much 

happiness for your future; you will take 

our love with you wherever you go. 

Love- Mom and Chris 

Brittany Devine 


Since the day you were born you have 
brought love, joy and laughter to all. 
There are no words to describe how 
proud we are of you. Reach for the stars 
- they are waiting for you! 


Mom, Mike, 
Barbara & Maranda 

.Tacquelyn Mary Greenwood 


Always remember we 
love you and are very, 
very proud that you are 
our daughter. You will 
always be our pickle no 
matter where your are or 
what you are doing. If 
you are happy so are we. 

Rachel Dupuis 


-a ^P ^° ^^^ moon and 

iMi&'^^ back 

^Hf . " 

fln|d| We love you! 

H|PS| Dad, Mom, Travis and 

|AL^H Kipper 

1 M 


176 1 

Alicia L. Ahola 



How you have grown into a beautiful 
daughter. We are so proud of you. Pursue 
your dreams and you will succeed. 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Marisa, Nicholas 

Michael Decker 

Congratulations Michael, 

From the moment you entered into this 
world you have brought us such pride and 
joy. Watching you grow from that little 
boy to the fine young man you are 
today-always full of such energy. We are 
so proud of all you have accomplished and 
look forward to what's to come. You are a 
hard worker and that will take you 
wherever you want to go. Remember to 
Live Well, Love Much and Laugh Often 
and with that you can achieve anything. 

You are the Best!!!! 

All our Love Always, 
Mom, Dad & Makaila 

Rebecca Morrison 

To our Mouse, 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart! Or to 
quote Dr. Seuss: 

! "You have brains in your head 

I You have feet-in your shoes 

I You can steer yourself in any direction you choose 

\ You're on your own 

And you know what you know 

You are the gal who'll decide where to go." 

We have all kinds of faith in you! 

Love, Mom & Dad, Cara, Elaina and Lucky 

Caleb Darsch 


You're amazing... 

Remember "Life's a journey not a destination" 

You'll never know what tomorrow will bring 

We are so proud of you! ! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Nick and Rebekah XO 


Amanda and Ashleigh Sullivan 


Amanda & Ashleigh 

Ever since the day you were bom, 
you have always had each other to lean on. 

It has been so wonderful watching you grow and develop 
the strongest of bonds that only sisters can share. 

We love you both more than words could ever say. 

P.S. I'm crying again 


Emily Warnock 



You are such a bright and inspiring young woman. 
We could not be any prouder of you. Go forth and 
conquer the world, they won't know what hit them. 
We will miss hearing all your thoughts about the 
day. Be happy with who you are and always 
remember that you are loved. 

Mom, Dad, Callie and Ben 

Taylor Massmann 

Congratulations to AT & T 


Follow the yellow brick road! 

Patrick & Peter Clark 

Patrick & Peter, 

From the first day of kindergarten to the 

last day of senior year, you did your best 

and we are proud of the both of you. 


Mom & Mark 


Danny Gallant 

Congratulations Danny! 

No I cannot forget where it is that I come from 

I cannot forget the people who love me 

Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town 

And people let me be just what I want to be 

J. Mellencamp 


Mom, Dad, David, Mary, and Mittens 

Caitlin Beck 

"We can do no great things; only small things 
with great love." Mother Teresa 


We are so proud of the beautiful girl you have 
become. Your smile has brightened our lives 
since the day you arrived. Your free spirit will 
take you all the places you will want to be. We 
wish you to be happy. 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Jeff 

Megan Cruz 


I'm so proud of you and all that 

you have become. I hope your 

dreams stay big and your worries 

stay small. 

I love you,